Rise of the Shinobi is a naruto based RP where you may live the epic life as a shinobi of one of the five great nations
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 Tatsunamii Hyuga

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PostSubject: Tatsunamii Hyuga    Tatsunamii Hyuga  I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 18, 2013 5:22 pm

Name: Tatsunamii Hyuga
Age: 17
Birthdate: December 3rd
Rank: Chunin

Village: Konohagakure
Clan: Hyuga
Kekki Genkai: Explosion release
Element(s): Fire and lightning

Specialties: Ninjutsu / taijutsu

Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 120Lb
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: White
General Description: Tatsu is tall and lean, but with a good muscle tone, although you wouldn't be able to tell because he is often wearing his White hyuga robes, which cover most of his upper body, the ropes have wide and long sleeves that reach down to his palms; Because of the length of the sleeves this conceals the tattoo the goes from his forearm up to his tricep. Other than that he wears the standard hidden leaf headband traditionally around his forehead, ninja pants , and black sandals. Unlike most of this family he has short brown hair that leads down, longer in the back than the front, his bangs hand slightly over his headband.

Personality: Tatsu is very carefree and likes to have fun, he is the type of person who always speaks his mind and tends to rush into things, although he doesnt like making very complicated plans hes known to have his clever moments, but thats to be expected from most ninja, he is very energetic and stubborn when it comes to training and fighting, he isnt like most of the hyuga in his clan which is the reason people find it hard to believe he belongs to their clan.

Likes: Tatsu mostly likes to eat, he will eat almost any food, he especially loves meats and sweets. His favorite foods include candy pork chicken beef, baked goods and did i mention candy? Of course eating isnt his only activity, he loves to train and fight other ninja, often testing his skills among the other chunin, and sometimes teams of genin. Of course this is to be expected from someone as energetic as he.

Dislikes: Like most people tatsu has a taste for things and a strong distaste for others, one thing he absolutely hates is seafood, any sea food will put him off his appetite most of the time, he finds the smell to be upsetting and the fact that they swim in their own waste, who would wanna eat that?! Tatsu also believes in believing in yourself but when it gets to the point of complete arrogance it ticks him off, there's nothing he'd love more but to find some wise guy boasting about how strong he is then end up sparring him and knocking them flat on their butt!

Motivations: One of his biggest motivations is his clan, being from the Hyuga means he always has to give his 100% in everything he does! Not only to make his family proud but to also achieve another goal of his which is to one day become the strongest ninja in Konohagakure, and perhaps become the hokage. This is a dream shared by many ninja in the village,and he himself is aware of this however this fact  only fuels Tatsus ambition.

Fears: Tatsu has a fear of being abandoned and forgotten, he doesn't like the feeling of nobody caring for him, it means to him that all the efforts he ever put in to his life were all a waste of time and wouldn't. Isolation is another thing, even growing up hes always tried to make friends and talk to people but being completely alone would probably drive him insane.

History: Tatsu is the only son of Ishin Hyuga (father) and Mary Hyuga(mother). Ishin is one of the upper clansmen and retired jonin, when tatsu was young he would try to find time to help train him. Unlike the men of the household, Mary was not a ninja, however she was a very strong willed woman who more or less "took care of business". When tatsu entered the academy he spent most his time training instead of studying, but he managed to pass the final exams anyway. As a genin he went on several missions with his team, some werent all that exciting others were a bit more challenging. Eventually he went on to the chunin exams and went up against some very strong ninja, however skill and perseverance prevailed and he had finally become a chunin.

RP Sample: Twas a bright sunny day in the village hidden in the leaves, it was a rather cool summer and the land had been peaceful, the leaves lightly dancing in the breeze, a few petals from the cherry blossom trees fell gracefully upon the emerald green grass. This is where we find our young protagonist, calmly resting upon the grass. He slept upon the ground, with his hands resting behind his head like a sort of pillow. A butterfly fluttered around in unpredictable patterns until it lightly landed atop Tatsus nose.

Tatsus eyes opened slowly as he peered upon the small insect, looking back down at him, He smiled and couldn't help but chuckle, the butterfly then flew off, becoming startled from the slight movement, Tatsu waved bye as he sat up rubbing his eyes. He stretched his arms and yawned, then got back to his feet. Now that he was all rested it was time for some training.

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PostSubject: Re: Tatsunamii Hyuga    Tatsunamii Hyuga  I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 18, 2013 11:56 pm


I may not be perfect, but neither are you. Remember that.
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PostSubject: Re: Tatsunamii Hyuga    Tatsunamii Hyuga  I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 18, 2013 11:56 pm

The member 'lonewolvernsoul' has done the following action : Dices roll

#1 'Advanced Release' : 7 - Now you can make Splosions. =3

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PostSubject: Re: Tatsunamii Hyuga    Tatsunamii Hyuga  I_icon_minitime

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Tatsunamii Hyuga
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