Rise of the Shinobi is a naruto based RP where you may live the epic life as a shinobi of one of the five great nations
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v.v I realized how misleading the previous message had been. Sorry guys, were still down.

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 Mika Mardara

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PostSubject: Mika Mardara   Mika Mardara I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 19, 2013 5:28 am

Name: Mika Mardara
Age: 14
Birthdate: nov 14
Rank: Genin

Village: Konohagakure
Clan: Aburame
Kekki Genkai: Magnet release
Element(s): Earth and wind

Specialties: Medical, Puppetry

Weight: 85 lbs
Height: 4 feet tall
Hair Color: Earth brown
Eye Color: Earth brown
General Description: mika stands only 4' feet tall and usually wears loose baggy clothing that tends to make her look even smaller, usually in deep purples, and dark blues to blend into shadows, her eyes are a deep earth brown and look rather large but in a cute way almost like everything is a bit of an amazing wonder to behold, but these eyes tend to be hidden behind dark blue tinted goggles as is normal of an aburame clan member, she has waist long earth brown hair as well, her skin is almost pure white due to her time indoors training at a younger age, which she keeps covered so as to better hide in shadows, her family symbol is of what seems to be a box with butterfly wings and it is emblazoned on her right chest of her outfits.

Personality: Mika is highly shy and tends to let her specialist puppet do the talking, so far no one outside her family other then the kage, jonin special jonin and elders know that Puru is actually a puppet, thanks to it's special construction, and the skills of Mika at her families Shadow art style or puppetry, she rarely talks using Puru for almost all her interactions, and even makes Puru tease her like a big sister at first because she was a bit lonely as a child but later to also keep up apearences that Puru was as real as she was.

Fighting Style Description:Deceit and lies, basically she uses a great deal of distraction and feints in her tactics to keep her enemy's at bay till she can get to her preferred fighting distance or circumstance, she will even make Puru seem like a real person maybe to the point of letting the enemy "knock her out" to keep up that illusion, but so far she has never needed to actually use Puru as a puppet.

Likes: Puppets simply because they have always been their for her to play with, and have been a way she has talked to people for the longest time
Dislikes: Being thought of as weird, as she tries to hard to be considered "normal"
Motivations: To be a good shinobi to prove to her family that they didn't pick poorly for the first ninja in the clan
Fears: Being alone, she is very dependent on others even to the point of being dependent on her puppets to her losing them would be like losing a family member

History: Mika's family have a history of being very reliable messengers and courier's thanks to there reliance an skilled use of illusions an puppets, making it hard to disrupt there work, she is the first to actually become a full shinobi, and was given to quite a few advantages due to how her body efficiently used Chakra, and due to some home training in the families arts, and her friendship with Xavier during her time in the academy and even some time before then roughly around the time they entered the academy together.

sometimes she still does some courier work for her family on the side to help out her clan

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PostSubject: Re: Mika Mardara   Mika Mardara I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 19, 2013 5:37 am

Mika Mardara Kakashi_thumbs_up

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Mika Mardara
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