Rise of the Shinobi is a naruto based RP where you may live the epic life as a shinobi of one of the five great nations
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v.v I realized how misleading the previous message had been. Sorry guys, were still down.

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 Xavier Keynohama

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PostSubject: Xavier Keynohama   Xavier Keynohama I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 23, 2013 7:35 pm

Name: Xavier Keynohama
Age: 14
Birthdate: March 31
Rank: Genin

Village: Konohagakure
Clan: Kumo
Kekki Genkai: Swift Release
Element(s): N/A
Curse Mark: Yes

Specialties: Fuinjutsu, Ninjutsu

Weight: 122 Ibs
Height: 5”5’ ft
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
General Description: His hair is modestly long and his skin color is white but with a small tan, his body is a bit too lean for someone his age but he’s as healthy as can be and very strong as well. His hair has a small spiky appearance and is a bit messy about his facial features; speaking of his facial features he looks more accustomed to his age but only a bit as he has no facial hair. He seems boyish; having a bright and sunny gaze that always seems chipper and relaxed, more of a carefree kind of look. His eyes are a deep brown while his hair is short as well as black. He seems to ware purple shorts with an extra pocket on the side of the shorts. They are tired to his wait with a simple belt; his shoes are blue sandals that look to be used a lot. He has on a gray shirt with the sleeves rolled up to give some freedom, there is a simple collar on the shirt, and finally there was a simple white strip across it.

Personality: He is very open and inviting, being generally nice to anyone he meets and willing to do anything to help a person in need. You can notice that he is almost always smiling, being an very optimistic he really dose not frown unless something sad falls on him, and ye he bounces back from those moments like they never happened fairly quickly. He is very intelligent but decides to act a bit simple at times; he also enjoys telling jokes to liven up the mood while keeping a charming and appealing attitude to lift up spirits, almost having leadership qualities when times are right for them. He can be very trusting and would happily take someone’s word if they aren’t using sarcasm, this can often be taken as being gullible or naïve but he can’t help but act this way, personally describing him pure of heart.

He also has an interesting shift in personality, not like an alter ego or something related to that but more of an enlightenment. So when he is acting somewhat silly and even to a degree a simpleton he can become pretty insightful and understanding of tasks he needs to perform or if someone is in need of advice. He’s polite and at times very honest about his options towards a certain idea or thing, giving more than needed "thank yous" and "apologies" when it’s not truly needed.

His overly friendly personality tents to make friends with nicer people quickly, he is capable of understanding most hardships even when he has not gone threw them personally, he has a bit of a compassionate attitude about himself, willing to console others and tries his best to make others happy while not looking to gain anything from it. He normally dose not care for his own well-being, being selfless and at time's willing to give up a freedom if it means something good for another.

Likes:  He enjoys simple thing, mostly being a bit lazy and what not as well as just eating and hanging out with friends. He likes animals, honey, and other things from nature which includes being in the forest and out side too, really there’s not to much he doesn’t like as long as it’s positive and nice.

Dislikes: He actually dislikes real combat as it leads to death and destruction of lives, even the site of death makes him feel uneasy, he dislikes most killing and even has become more prone to eating veggies because he didn’t want pigs or chickens killed for his own meals. Aside from that he also dislikes seeing others suffer greatly, its something that really makes him feel helpless and just weaker as he whishes he could help in some way.

Motivations: He only has a few motivations and one is simply wishing to make a place in the world, this motivation is driven by his mom who wishes the same for him everyday.

Fears: Its no mystery that what he fears is suffering of others, and this is only because while as a child he had seen many people suffering when he traveled with his parents and knew he could do nothing to help them as he was. So his greatest fear is seeing someone suffer greatly and he couldn’t do anything about it at all.

History: Xavier had been in the academy for a bit before he finally graduated; being 12 at that time he spent the next few years being lazy pretty much. Though he would mostly try to visit friends and or just relax and see what others were up to he rarely trained till his mom pushed him to start. Knowing he was probably very far behind now he tried to work hard and now continues to do so, yet with some difficulty. He spent majorty of the time around his friend Mika which he first saw when he first enrolled into teh academy, getting to know them her more they became friends and also from time to time helped each other when it came to important things. In the past he didn’t even have a village till his mother and father went to the leaf to start a new life after an attack took there old home and belongings in a fire, at the time he was only a small baby and even then he could almost see it yet it is only a blurry vision and he has yet to learn about what happened to his pervious home.

Character: Xavier K.
Abilities: Jutsu

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PostSubject: Re: Xavier Keynohama   Xavier Keynohama I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 23, 2013 8:20 pm

The member 'lonewolvernsoul' has done the following action : Dices roll

#1 'Advanced Release' : 8 - Swift release~!

#2 'Curse Mark' : 1 - Congrats, you got a curse mark.
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Xavier Keynohama
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