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v.v I realized how misleading the previous message had been. Sorry guys, were still down.

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 New Ruley thingys

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PostSubject: New Ruley thingys    Fri Aug 23, 2013 11:10 pm

Hello your frendly neighborhood head mod here and due to the recent problems. im just simply stateing some new rules i will be enforceing but be warned this is going to be in a horrble format so you are warned

the basic thing is i will be handing out warnings on people or if they allready have reports on them these warnings are allready partially issued

for the first two warnings nouthing will happen unless you overstep the boundrys then you will be kicked.after three warnings i will kick you if i feel you keep going after that there will be a 12 hour ban if you continue after that it will be a 24 hour ban after that if you continue it will be a two day ban then four day and after that i will keep continuing to double it if you keep it up

and this rule will be enofrced for ALL members nomatter who they are and for those that have reports you probably know allready..

i will probably adding more to this when i can think of it so until then *explodes*

"Reach down into your heart and you’ll find many reasons to fight: Survival. Honor. Glory. But what about those who feel it’s their duty to protect the innocents? There you will find a warrior savage enough to match any dragon"
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New Ruley thingys
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