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 Ayame Chinmoku

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PostSubject: Ayame Chinmoku   Ayame Chinmoku I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 25, 2013 10:27 pm

Name: Ayame Chinmoku
Age: 18
Birthdate: July 22nd

Rank: Chunin
Village: Kirigakure
Clan: None
Kekki Genkai: Steel Release
Element(s): Earth/Fire
Specialties: Weaponry/Medical Jutsu

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 100 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Violet
General Description: Ayame was often described as a very beautiful woman. Ayame has flawless pale skin and long, rich black hair that falls past her slim waist, which is tied into a loose ponytail with a loose red ribbon. She stood around five foot six, and has big, violet, doll-like eyes.
Ayame wears the traditional dress of a miko. She wears a white jacket with sode-kukuri (cords) through the sleeves and open shoulders. Strings called muna-himo are attached to each lapel and tied in front to keep the garment closed. Ayame's kosode would be very much like a modern Kendo or Naginata Keikogi, with the sleeve fitting somewhat closely like a modern loose shirt and extending slightly past the wrist. The slits on the side of her hakama, and the openings at the sleeves and shoulders of her hitoe (jacket) shows the white kosode she sports. She wears a bright red nagabakama (a very long hakama), which includes the small board on the lower back. Like a majority of previous priestess, she also wears common tabi (socks) and rice straw sandals. Ayame has a red Obi, or belt, over all her other garments.

Personality: Ayame is always known as a compassionate woman. Kind, caring, and considerate, she is very sympathetic toward everyone, even her enemies. She pours out her soul to anyone in need of help. Ayame is also very good with children; no matter where she went to, the children were always fond of her. However only uses this side as a facade. Her real attitude is one of a cold blooded killer sadist with a crazed mind.

Likes: Quiet. Ayame likes to enjoy her peace and quiet to the fullest. Moon Watching. When she is alone Ayame likes to gaze up at the moon and think about her day and all it's good parts.
Dislikes: Ignorance. Ayame doesn't like people who are full of themselves and foolish to the real world.
Motivations: To grow stronger and help her parents reach back to full health.
Fears: Being Overwhelmed. Ever since she was a child has always had a fear of not being able to protect herself.

History: Ayame is a natural born priestess coming from a family of shrine maidens and ninja. Ayame had just became a genin and finished half of her priestess training when her mother and father suddenly fell ill. Trying to balance between ninja and priestess training she was trying nurse her parents back to their former health while working around the village and doing missions for money to get medicine. Not long was she soon attending the kirigakure chunin exams where she killed everyone of her dear classmates with a heavy heart. Ayame had since then tried to forget that day by surrounding herself with work and, if she could, help her aunt with nursing her parents.

RP Sample: Ayame sighed to herself as she tried to concentrate on her meditation. No matter how much she tried tho all what cane into her mind was her parents who were inside their room behind her. They were having their naps at this moment. The thought of her badly ill parents twisted her heart in wrenching pain. It made her feel terrible that she, a skilled medic, couldn't do anything to help her mother and father. Ayame let out another long and dreadful sigh in sadness. Thoughts of her parents of when they were healthier flashed through her mind.

Her thoughts were interrupted however when a helper came to her to tell that her parents have awakened and their dinner was ready. Ayame thanked her before sending her off and watching as the woman bowed before scurrying away. Ayame smiled a small smile as she gazed at the moon shortly. Standing up from her crisscrossed position and heading to the kitchen to grab her parents food. It was time to do her duty.

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PostSubject: Re: Ayame Chinmoku   Ayame Chinmoku I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 26, 2013 7:49 pm

The member 'tatsu' has done the following action : Dices roll

#1 'Advanced Release' : 5


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PostSubject: Re: Ayame Chinmoku   Ayame Chinmoku I_icon_minitime

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Ayame Chinmoku
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