Rise of the Shinobi is a naruto based RP where you may live the epic life as a shinobi of one of the five great nations
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 Frequently Asked Questions

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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions   Frequently Asked Questions I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 15, 2013 12:18 am

Just some common questions we keep getting.

Is this pre or post Shippunden?
Is it the cannon universe?

This is the most frequently asked question I think I've heard. Where and when are we in the series.
The answer is that the RP happens in the same universe but without the characters in the series. It also happens post Shippunden, in a time of peace, but without any of the events that happened before with some slight exceptions.

How do the rolls work?

Its a staff member option, we roll the dice for you. Then we match the rolls with the numbers on a list that is available to you in the Ninja Guide.

Are custom Clans available?

As of right now, no.

Currently we aren't allowing Custom Kekkie Genkai Tech/Jutsus, specifically Advance Releases or Clan/Bloodlines. However, regular natured tech/jutsus are perfectly fine. Just remember that certain ranks cannot do certain ranked moves.

Can we pick a rank higher than Chunin?

Nope. =P
Sorry, but we probably won't be raising the bar on this either.


The other thing that I am seeing a lot is that with this Chunin rank available, a lot of people are grabbing the most powerful things they can have. While this isn't against the rules, you should be more mindful of what's going on when you do this. Three[3] B-Ranked moves in a row, is enough to completely drain a Chunin with average endurance. So while you are allowed to pick and choose from powerful moves, keep in mind that you might only get to use 3-5 in a single fight, and then your character is done. You can't even do E-Ranked moves after that, or before for that matter.

I may not be perfect, but neither are you. Remember that.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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