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 Yumei Kaname

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PostSubject: Yumei Kaname   Yumei Kaname I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 15, 2013 2:02 am

Name: Yumei Kaname
Her name is not another way of spelling Yume which is "dream"  it is derived from the words Yu meaning "Rejoice" and Mei meaning "Light". Kaname meaning "Flower+Bud"
Age: 19 (post shippuden) 17 (pre shippuden)
Birthdate: May 26 (Gemini)
Rank: Chuunin

Village: Takigakure > Kirigakure
Clan: Fuma
Kekkei Genkai: none
Element(s): Suiton (Water), Fuuton (Wind)
Advance Release: none

Specialties: Genjutsu, Kenjutsu

Weight: 121 pounds
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Quartz (Hex Code #D9D9F3)
Eye Color: A Soft light peach (Hex Code #FFD3BF)
General Description: Yumei's soft appearance with her light hair colour, and eye colour is really odd to other people and since it is unnatural people don't really think it makes her more beautiful or cherish her for it, people are rather put off because of it. She is also put down because of that. With that given, she was made fun of, and people actually mention their disdain to her appearance. Some people do indeed think it is rather rare, but still weird. Since her abnormal hair colour she is visibly noticeable and an easy target to enemies, and opponents since it is rather hard to hide a hair colour like that.

Off Duty/Free Time Clothes> http://www.ezimba.com/work/130908C/ezimba12519130020800.png

On Duty Clothes > For both villages she was in, whenever she was on duty she would wear the standard uniform for the given village (Takigakure, and Kirigakure.) For Kirigakure she wore the standard grey flak jacket (which lacked the scroll pouch, and zipper) that showed the villages symbol on the shoulders, with a sleeveless black shirt, and full black pants which on her right leg has bandages covering it over the fabric, and holds her weapon pouch underneath it all she still wore her fishnets, kept her boots and her gloves. Not to forget she sometimes wear waist guards. Takigakure she was able to wear her original outfit, but had to remove her scarf as it would get caught on things and wasn't suitable for battle, but she was requested to wear the standard flak jacket over it. On occasions she has gotten in trouble for not being in her proper uniform. Yumei usually shortens peoples name and adds the suffix -tan on the end. Which some are annoyed, if they don't want her to call them by that she won't.

Personality: Yumei has a very carefree, outgoing, enthusiastic, warm, and friendly personality always exerting a positive demeanor. She is almost always seen smiling, and only on rare occasions will people see her not smiling. Yumei tries to be friends with everybody, and if that doesn't work out she won't force it to. Yumei is also very courageous and independent as she usually ends up taking a lot of risks and chances. How she is independent is when she has to do something she doesn't want other people to get involved if they don't need to, and prefers to work alone. Her personality is often mistaken for ignorance, immature, antagonizing, and rude because of her happier carefree character trope people will think she doesn't take things seriously, doesn't care, and potentially angering people over how she has a smile on her face, even on the wrong occasions.

Likes: Yumei loves Sakuramochi, and Mochi ice cream. She also likes Oden,Yakisoba, Nikujaga, and Gyoza.
Also, practicing kenjutsu, telling jokes, and helping out the less fortunate. She likes jokes, and people who actually have a sense of humour.
Dislikes: Yumei doesn't seem to really dislike people, but she hates the lazy, dark, silent characteristics. Also, people who can't take jokes, or have no sense of humour.
Working with other people most of the time Yumei will dislike, but she can tolerate most of the things. A few other things she dislikes is alcohol, kids, and people who use puppets. Loud noises, and dolls.((You))
Motivations: Yumei's motivation is the smiles she sees on her friends, and the safety of her family.
Fears: Ghosts, Supernatural beings, death, not you.

History: Yumei was born in Takigakure, when she was little she was raised by her older brother and sister, who are both older (by 20 years) than her. Yumei always addressed her elder siblings as her parents. She is aware her siblings are not her parents, and has met her parents on several occasions, but addresses her siblings as her mother and father since they were the ones who took on the parental figures for her. Both of Yumei's parents are alive, but are in poor health from working, or working; on occassions both.

Yumei, as a child often felt lonely, but sought solace in exploring around her village, and talking to random people within the village, mainly those who had shinobi statuses. She was inspired by the many shinobi who pasted by her, and the few who she talked to. That made her want to become a shinobi.

She enrolled to the ninja academy later on and was admitted since she had the admission requirements to join. She received the initial general knowledge, and practices they teach there. On her spare time she practiced on her own to help boost her marks, and her graduation rate. She passed the written graduation exam with flying colours, and just passed the practical exam. In where she realized she lacks the skills of Taijutsu, and caught interest in Genjutsu, in which she studied more about it.

When she became a genin she was put in a typical three-man one-instructor squad and did the usual ranked missions for a genin, sometimes one of a higher rank, but that was rare. While not being with her squad doing missions she was training to become better, mainly in Genjutsu and Ninjutsu.

She took the Chuunin Exams, and passed those; with a lot of complications, a few that almost made her fail, and injured her.

Becoming a Takigakure Chuunin was really thrilling and exhilrating for Yumei. Right away did she take solo missions and tried to do as many as possible, in which she did take too many of them and passed out from exhausting, she did indeed suffer from malnutrition on some of her missions since she did little to no packing thinking she could finish everything quickly which that later backfired and made her get into bigger problems, in which she had to pull herself out of.

Yumei did make mistakes on her missions, almost failed some since she thought she could do it by herself but later needed her teammates, and she was almost de-promoted because of them but had to prove herself worthy of being a chuunin by taking an A rank mission involving Kirigakure. Yumei took this mission carefully, since she heard about the "Village of the deadly mist" and upon entering the Village she was almost mistakenly murdered, and mistakenly filed as an intruder. The mist villages mist was thick, and that made Yumei get lost withing it and made it difficult for her to find so she took a longer time but she completed the mission, and was able to stay a Chuunin. Then she asked to transfer to Kirigakure, and become a shinobi of Kirigakure.

The Hidden Mist technique she saw the shinobi's used got her more intrugued, and fascinated by the village, and genjutsu. She wished to transfer there, and knew it wouldn't be easy. Yumei made sure to collect and study information on the village. Since her first release was Water, she had extensive knowledge on water release techniques, but lacked the kenjutsu the mist village was proficient with. So she took Kenjutsu classes, Practiced, and later on excelled in it with Genjutsu. Her Kenjutsu isn't and wasn't the best but it was one of the things that made her liable to become a kiri shinobi. In which she was able to become one.

When in the process of becoming one, she had to start from scratch, by being in their ninja academy and passing their chuunin exam. So she could become a liable Kirigakure Chuunin. Since she couldn't just walk in there and ask to become one, she had to follow thier requirements and did. It took her quite awhile to get back to her chuunin status. During her Kirigakure ninja academy years she was picked on from the younger students because of their age gap.

She would make constant visits whenever she was allowed, and could to Takigakure, her home village to catch up with the people she knew there and talked about her experiences.

RP Sample:
It was her first day of being a Genin in Kirigakure, of course she was feeling confident since she already passed everything she needed to be to become a Chuunin in Takigakure. She received a letter from her new Sensei, same as her other squad-members whom she has yet to meet; Yumei followed the letter's instruction and waited outside the Village until the others arrived. She waited and waited until everyone else showed up. Yumei was practically jumping out of her skin because she was so excited, she got to meet new people, and hopefully for her new friends.

After they found a nice place to sit, all of them sat down and started the introduction. "Who wants to go fir-" said the Sensei who was cut off by Yumei, jumping up from sitting "I do!! I do!" she exclaimed. The other people around just sighed, and the Sensei just gave her a 'go ahead and then shut up look.' With that approval Yumei began her introduction.

"My names Yumei Kaname!" Yumei laughed, with a closed-eye big smile expression. "That's 'Yu' from Yumei Kaname! 'Mei' from Yumei Kaname! and- finally 'Kaname' from Yumei Kaname! and, I hope to become googoogoogoogoogood friends with you all! Did you count how many times I said 'goo' I hope s-" Suddenly, when Yumei was about to finish she was interrupted, not by her Sensei, but one of her squadmates "Enough, we get it you're Yumei Kaname are you going to take all day, or can I introduce myself" they sneered. Yumei, just looked at them and gave them a thumbs up, and sat down again so the others had a chance to introduce themselves.

Her Graduation Information: Chuunin Prom. Age (kiri) - 14
Academy Grad Age (Kiri) - 13
Chuunin Prom. Age - 13
Academy Grad Age - 11

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PostSubject: Re: Yumei Kaname   Yumei Kaname I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 15, 2013 2:19 am

I'm L.W.Soul, and I approve this Character.

I will now roll for ya. =3

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PostSubject: Re: Yumei Kaname   Yumei Kaname I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 15, 2013 2:19 am

The member 'lonewolvernsoul' has done the following action : Dices roll

#1 'Clan Blood LInes' : 10 - Fuma

#2 'Advanced Release' : 3 - Dust Release

#3 'Adv  Release ( that ' : 8 - No Ice Release

#4 'Curse Mark' : 24 - No Curse Mark
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PostSubject: Re: Yumei Kaname   Yumei Kaname I_icon_minitime

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Yumei Kaname
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