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 Ichiru (Yasu's New Character)

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PostSubject: Ichiru (Yasu's New Character)   Ichiru (Yasu's New Character) I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 05, 2013 2:02 pm

Name: Daseki, Ichiru
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday:July 6th
Clan: Jugos Clan
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Village: Kumogakure
Rank: Chunin
Element(s): Fuuton, Doton
Specialties:Taijutsu, Ninjutsu
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180
Hair: Sandy Brown
Eyes: Teal

General Appearance:
Ichiru wears a fitting yet baggy jacket and matching pants. The upper part of the jacket is a dark grey, which also runs along down the sleeves. The rest of the jacket is a light grey except for the area around his waist which is also a dark grey. People say he wears these colors because his sight is dull to the world, in other words he because he is blind. His pants have dark grey stripes running along the sides which lead to his dark grey shinobi sandals. These sandals look more like boots and sandals mixed. Ichiru has a dark grey headed wrapped around his eyes with a kumogakure forehead protector covering his eyes as well.

Personality:Ichiru is a extremely silent person at times. The only times he talks a lot is when he is talking to close friends, other wise he is one of the quietest people one could meet. He says he doesn't talk a lot because he loves to hear how others voices are different from each other. Some that know him say it is because he wishes to listen to the world's many voices and sounds. Either way he wishes to hear the colorful sounds and voices the world has to offer.

Despite his age Ichiru is quite wise. He shows insight on many subjects and situations presented to him. Many of his clan members even come to him for advice. No one knows really knows how he became so wise, but they do not try to peer into it to much. They also say this is one of the reasons he is next in line to lead the clan.

Ichiru is the definition of kind-hearted. He shows kindness to all he meets, which means he has few enemies. None the less he still has many enemies. Ichirus kindness has been displayed in many ways and he has never allowed it to be exploited. These things being said Ichiru refuses to kill anyone even if they are a enemy. He would rather immobilize them and let someone else deal the finishing blow.

Ichiru is fiercely loyal to Kumogakure, his clan, and comrades. He is reliable in a pinch and refuses to ever turn his back on his friends. This probably contributes to his dislike for people who turn their back on their friends.

Ichiru loves meeting new people and seeing their "color". Ichiru says he may be the only one that sees this but everyone has a color. When asked what he meant by this Ichiru could never coherently answer.

Listening to the sounds and voices of the world satisfies Ichiru greatly. He says everyone's voice is different just like how no one has the same finger print no one has the same kind of voice. This also ties into his love of meeting new people.

Feeling nature is something that many people do not understand, but for the few that do they can understand how Ichiru feels about this. Ichiru relishes in the feel of the world; the wind, the sun, the drops of water than fall from the sky he loves it all.

Ichiru hates those who turn their back on their friends, comrades, or family. He says they are the lowest of the low, the scum of the earth, and he refuses to associate with people that act in such a manner. Ichiru thinks that no person with a mind set as such could ever be a great shinobi or gain true power for that matter.

People who do not appreciate what they have, such as their sight or their "riches" annoys Ichiru beyond comprehension. Since birth Ichiru has been blind and can only see chakra, but he still appreciates that fact that he is not completely blind to the world. He says if he meant people like this then he would "educate" them on how to appreciate things.

What motivates Ichiru? He asks himself this constantly and always comes up with the same answers. One is to protect those he cares for. Sounds simple enough right, but wouldn't that be to simple. Ichiru is far more ambitious than that. He wants to protect the entire world from hate, war, and the evil that attacks it. This is a constant motivation of Ichiru's just because he feels that there are so many wonderful sounds and feelings in this world so why would anyone want to soil them by causing war, massacres, and things alike.

The second is somehow showing everyone that there are so many wonderful sounds, voices, and "colors" of the people and nature in this world. He has yet to figure out how to do this, but Ichiru knows that it can be done. Ichiru knows this in his heart. He just wants people to appreciate the little things in life because life is to short to focus on the negative.

Ichiru fears war; this is his most prominent fear. He fears the colors and sounds of death and bloodshed. That's he refuses to kill anyone. The colors of death cause great distress to Ichirus mind. On top of that the color and smell of the blood of the dying. He tries to avoid massive amounts of dead people. All this being said he has a strong willpower, which helps him come to terms with these fears. He knows one day he might be forced to kill someone and the only thing that could make him would be his will power and even then it might not be strong enough.

History: "What can bee seen, but only if your blind to the sins of the world Ichiru?", as a old raspy voice from a man in his eighties. Ichiru was cradled in his arms. Ichiru had just been born and had come into the world a member of the Daseki Clan and this old man was his grandfather. He was asking the question that every child born to this clan was asked every few months until they could answer. The old man looked down at Ichirus face and smiled with deep happiness. "You have a beautiful color and sound my dear boy. Please do not ever think that this is a curse; you will never be able to live your life if you focus on the negative like that." exclaimed the old man with deep love and emotion behind his words.

Ichiru was to young to understand hi; all he understood was that this world he was just presented to was beautiful beyond comprehension. His Grandfathers color was growning dim and his sound growing muffled. As Ichiru grew up his grandfather's light became dimmer and more muffled. When Ichiru was six his Grandfather asked him that question one more time,"What can bee seen, but only if your blind to the sins of the world Ichiru?". Without hesitation Ichiru answered, "The vibrant colors and sounds of the world Grandfather." Ichiru answered with a smile on his face. Pleased by Ichirus answer his grandfather patted him on the head. "Good very good. It appears you will be a wise shinobi when you grow up. Lead this clan in the right direction. That is all I have left to ask off you.", with those words Ichirus Grandfather left the room to announce that when he was of age Ichiru would lead the clan.

Years passed and Ichiru joined the academy. He made many friends due to kind heart. He was extremely quiet though; he only talked when he was talked to and when he talked he answered the same question a lot. He was always asked why he wore a blind fold over his eyes and he continued to tell them about his clan. The children would tell their parents and they already knew due the older members of the Daseki Clan. Many would ask them what their colors looked like and how did they sound; Ichiru answered every time making some mad unintentionally. Soon he graduated the Academy and was assigned to a squad. He soon stood out in the squad and when the exams rolled around he was obviously promoted to chunin.

Rp Sample:"All those colors; look at them all." said Ichiru standing a top of a building looking out over the village. The wind blew as if talking to Ichiru, because when it touched him he smiled and held his head back face pointing directly at the sun."Yes, their sounds are wonderful as well world." The sunlight caught Ichirus newly earned headband. Ichiru moved his head back down and continued to look out over the village when he came across a familiar color. It was his Grandfather and he was surrounded by colors that wreaked of anger and hate. Ichiru frowned and jumped from the spot he was just standing at to a nearby rooftop. He rushed across each rooftop until he got closer to his grandfather. He could hear the sounds coming form his grandfathers location and they were not good. Ichiru was over the alley which his grandfather had been chased to and saw the men trying to harm his grandfather. Ichiru jumped from the rooftop a frown splattered across his face. He landed right in front of one of the men and sent a roundhouse kick towards the mans head not saying a word or asking any questions. The other men were shocked by Ichirus appearance which gave his Grandfather a chance to act on the confusion. Ichirus grandfather disabled two of the men by hitting them with a balled fist to the solar plexus.

This left two men that were confused to what was going on. Ichiru looked in their direction with a blank expression. The men became terrified and quickly ran away from Ichiru and his grandfather. Ichiru turned to his grandfather as a worried expression came across his face. "I am quite alright my boy." said Icirus grandfather in a boisterous way. Ichiru frowned at his grandfathers words and shook his head. "What have I told you about walking around without a escort Grandfather; you are getting on in the years and you can not afford to put this kind of stress on yourself." said Ichiru seemingly lecturing his grandfather. His grandfather simply laughed and patted him on the head. "You are right, but I am fine you see. I shall return home now do not worry." said Ichirus grandfather as he walked out of the alley. Before Ichiru could say anything he grandfather had left the alley. Ichiru shook his head and smiled as he to left the alley

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PostSubject: Re: Ichiru (Yasu's New Character)   Ichiru (Yasu's New Character) I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 05, 2013 11:30 pm

The member 'Tatsu' has done the following action : Dices roll

#1 'Advanced Release' : 2


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#3 'Curse Mark' : 6
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PostSubject: Re: Ichiru (Yasu's New Character)   Ichiru (Yasu's New Character) I_icon_minitime

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Ichiru (Yasu's New Character)
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